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How Tough Times Build Perseverance with Jeff Cohen

What does it mean to be count-on-able? Jeff Cohen wrote the book on just that. It’s his way of teaching the next generation of freedom fighters how to succeed in business.

The Importance of Not Relying on Social Media With Dan Hafner

Mobile apps are all the rage nowadays. Today we’re talking to the king of mobile apps, With a wife in the medical field, Dan found himself moving about every 3 years, which made it hard to hold down a job.

Back to Business Basics

With Alvin Narsey

Retail started out as brick and mortar businesses and has recently moved heavily into e-commerce. Alvin Narsey is a retail business coach that witnessed this shift first hand.

How Camera Technology Has Changed with Emmy Wu

Video marketing and branding are great tools that every business should be using. Everyone has a story that reflects a value, a belief that potential customers can connect with.

Why Company Core Values Are So Important With Rick Girard

There’s been a hiring problem in America. Potential employees are getting more selective and employers aren’t asking the right questions.

Brent Freeman - Finding Success through Purpose

In his fifteen years as an entrepreneur, Brent has endured numerous setbacks and come to the realization that “hardships are the seedlings of joy.”

Mastering Cash Flow and Business Succession with Tier 1 Capital

Ep 163: Mastering Cash Flow and Business Succession with Tier 1 Capital

June 24, 20241 min read


Are You Ready to Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Business Finances?

 In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, hosts Matthew R. Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca welcome Timothy Yurek, founder of Tier One Capital, to explore the pressing financial challenges that small businesses face every day. From cash flow management to succession planning, Tim shares invaluable insights and strategies to help business owners gain control over their finances and achieve long-term success.

 Episode Highlights:

  • The four key challenges small businesses face: growth, talent retention, succession planning, and converting equity into cash.

  • How Tier One Capital identifies and eliminates inefficient use of money in businesses.

  • The concept of the "financial golf swing" and its impact on financial efficiency.

  • Real-life success stories and case studies of businesses transforming their financial strategies.

  • The importance of shifting mindsets to regain control over cash flow and improve financial health.


Listen today to learn how you can improve your business's financial health and gain control over your cash flow!

Favorite Quote:

"Whoever controls your cash flow controls your life."


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